Avalon is a premium range of cotton-content watermark business stationery paper and board. A watermark is the hallmark attesting to the quality standard of the paper. The watermark and laid lines on Avalon is made on partly formed paper while still wet during the paper making process. Hence Avalon are to be distinguished from impressions formed by embossing which is a low-tech and low value added process normally done offline. 

In today's market the multifunction abilities of paper are taken for granted, so what factors really separate quality business stationery ranges? the answers are look and feel. With an elegant range of whites and subtle hues, Avalon has the look to combine your corporate image with the most prestigious medium. The inherent cotton content creates a luxurious, tactile sheet; this also makes Avalon particularly suitable for stylish finishing techniques such as thermography, foil embossing and folding which all add prestige to text and cover pieces. when Avalon is specifed, printwork exudes distinction, traditional quality and excellence 


mono inkjet                          
Offset litho pre-print


annual reports
corporate stationery 
fine art reproductions
promotional brochures 



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