The name Chan Chun Lan has been in existence in Ipoh, Malaya since 1929 trading in rolled tobacco, Chinese black tea and other related paraphernalia. It was a family business which was then incorporated as a private limited company in 1962 and evolved into the business of manufacturing of paper products and the distribution of imported paperboard in Malaysia.

Today, the company Chan Chun Lan (CCL) is one of the major paper distributors in Malaysia, known for its integrity and reliability in the printing industry.

As a major paper distributor in the market, CCL specializes in custom-size paper & board to cater to the changing needs of our customers for cost savings and efficiency. Some of the products CCL carries are coated and uncoated paper, A4 photocopy paper, Newsprint & Bulky, Boxboard, FBB board, SBS board and specialty grades such as NCR, greaseproof, MG bleached and Kraft as well as synthetic paper, chipboard, beer mat, tracing, writing stationery paper and fancy cards.

CCL's Head office is located in Tasek Industrial Estate,Ipoh, Perak and has a branch office in Kuala Lumpur .


CCL Ipoh. Head Office

Chan Chun Lan Berhad.(4641-U)

Contact us for more info:  IPOH: 6(05) 546-9697    K.L: 6(03) 9171-2213