It is most proud of the high-speed laser photography methods it has developed. Using this completely integrated technology results in multi-channel, multi-layered three-dimensional images that far surpass results obtained using conventional technology.

Hologram Business Unit
Holographic process produces products that unite laser photography and image transformation technology. These products feature rich, vivid colors in a 3D virtual image, with applications in anti-counterfeit packaging, trademarks, gifts, and souvenirs.

The major products:
Holographic Security Labels
Holographic Films and Paper

The applications:
Security Printing
Brand Authentication

Promotion, etc

Adhesive Trademarks
The photographic techniques include 1D, 2D/3D, 2 Channel, Micro Text…to produce hard-to-duplicate, color-vivid and rich-in-variation images for trademarks. It will greatly reduce the risk of product being counterfeited and increase the value of the products. Customers can also choose tamper-proof or transparent under-layer to improve the counterfeit ability. The adhesive holographic trademarks are readily applicable in the following areas: bank note, credit car, passport, ID cards, driver license, stock, checkbook, etc… Other application of adhesive holographic trademarks is labels of cigarette, wine, clothes, cosmetics, medicine, videotape, and compact disc…


Hot Stamping Trademarks
Holographic image can also be applied to the merchandise by hot stamping process. The materials can be hot stamped include paper, soft plastics and hard plastics. This kind of product can be widely applied in all kinds of security papers, legal documents and postcards.                                                                                    
Holographic image can be generated on the paper as well as plastic film. K Laser Technology currently provides holographic plain paper of the following categories: 65gsm, 80gsm, 95gsm and 230gsm. We also offer special papers, such as wet paper and card paper, to be used in the packaging of cigarette and labels on the beer bottles




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