Phoenix Carbonless paper is an ideal pressure sensitive copying paper developed by OJI Paper a pioneer of no-carbon copying paper, and one of the world's largest and most established pulp & paper produces.

1.Clear-cut image

High-density, clear-cut characters are copied. Images in blue or black are easy to read

2.Whiteness and smoothness of the paper

The whiteness of the paper which is well-harmonized with the sharp image of characters is never glittering but tender enough to user's eyes. in addition, the smoothness of the paper enhances the excellent printing result. Thus, the dignified and nice looking forms can be realized.

3.High sensitivity & Copying Capability

PHOENIX sensitively reacts to pressure applied by a ball-point pen or a printer. A single stroke of a ball-point pen permits clear copying on many sheets of forms, exhibiting excellent copying capability.


4. Excellent image Capability

Image capability of PHOENIX is hardly affected by moisture, light or heat. the stable quality is maintained and the clear image is developed at all times even under various-changing environment.

5.Long term durability of image

The developed image of PHOENIX hardly fades out. It can be maintain as original for long time, as far as it is filed and stored under the normal conditions. Thus PHOENIX is the most faithful carbonless copying paper for the customers who constantly use the carbonless copying paper and require the long term image stability.

6.Excellent printability, runnability and convertability

PHOENIX can realize remarkable printability, runnability and convertability because of its excellent stiffness and dimensional stability. in addition, the fine printed result coming from the good ink transferability can perform the prominently finished forms.

7.Various products lineup availability

Two types of color of image are available, Blue and Black. Based on the thickness, the paper is classified into several types.

8. Wide assortment of auxiliary agent

Two type of desensitizing ink are provided to best suit the desired printing method. in addition, PHOENIX Fanapart Adhesive is Provided.


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